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Fish Out of Water: A Guppy Anthology als eBook ...
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Fish Out of Water: A Guppy Anthology:

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Smoke on the Water: The Supernatural Bounty Hun...
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Unexpected happenings... Now that Sidney is no longer an FBI agent, she is restless. Not knowing what to do with herself, she leaves Megan with the grandparents so she can have some time alone to figure things out. An unexpected shootout... During a visit to the shooting range, things get interesting when an old guy called Big Jake outshoots Sid and then saves her from two huge goons who smell like the Drake. Big problems.Matters take a turn for the worst soon after when Big Jake turns up dead. Missing Smoke and hoping to find out where he is but saying she wants help finding Big Jake´s killers, Sid sends a text to Phat Sam and Guppy. If you love strong female leads and stories packed with twists and turns, you will love Smoke on the Water! Scroll up and grab your copy today! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Holly Adams. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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